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Why it’s important to build your App right the first time

At Digital8, we see all kinds of scenarios when it comes to app development

Some people come to us with an idea, looking for guidance. Others bring a project that’s ready to kick-off and are ready for us to handle the whole development. Then there are those who come in with an app that’s partly built, or not built right, that they want to hand over to a local team to complete.

Yes, apps are expensive (helpful reading: Is my App idea likely to succeed?) and if they don’t succeed, apps can be a huge financial burden. That’s not to say you shouldn’t do it – if you truly believe in your app idea, why not build it right and give it the love it deserves?

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Build an App Right the First Time

Our team have a preferred technology stack that they almost always use for app development because they know exactly how it works and what it’s capable of. It’s also a modern solution that won’t be outdated any time soon.

Some businesses will look for alternatives in their hunt for a development team. This may come in the shape of a freelancer or a cheaper overseas company, and this can work out when done right. 

It can also backfire massively if the developer isn’t as qualified as initially thought, or if they choose an obscure development stack that proves inflexible.

The toughest part for us when taking on someone else’s work is understanding what has been built, how it is all held together, and where the bugs/issues are coming from.

Issues with a Poorly Built App

Imagine you’re building a house, the construction team puts down their tools and you’re left with a half-built property. 

If you bring a new builder on-site, they need to understand the plans for the house, what the foundation is made from, what materials have been used and what issues there may be (or that they need to be aware of). 

A lot of time goes into understanding what’s already been done and they may refuse to take on someone else’s work not knowing how it’s all come together.

The same rules apply to app development. It’s impossible to quickly look at a half-built app and understand everything about it. If things aren’t done in a modern and sensible way, it may prove difficult to work with and keep building.

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How to Make Sure Your App is Built the Right Way

When it comes to building your amazing new app, be sure that your development team have an established process, runs on the board, knowledge of different platforms, can recommend the right solution for you and ultimately, can take your project and build it right.

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