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Is Silicon Valley Trying To Create A Telepathy Device?

Recent claims from Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, and Facebook executive, Regina Dugan, regarding their future plans for brain-scanning research have already been challenged by neuroscientists, who claim that these plans are far-fetched and unrealistic. However, sweeping statements of the kind and claims that have aggressive timelines related to transformative tech are no new thing for silicon valley.

Most claims and promises that come from Silicon Valley/all tech companies revolve around making the world a better place to live. What’s new about these particular claims put forward by Dugan and Musk is the downbeat and potentially realistic driving force behind them. Dugan and Musk have both argued that the negative effects of tech being currently created in other industries will lead humans to rely on mind reading systems, i.e. “ the human race may need telepathy to help it survive the dystopian future that Silicon Valley itself is helping to create.”

For example, Musk has recently said that the logic behind his company Neutral ink is to allow people to communicate via small implements without any words.

His belief is that humans who have the capability to communicate as fast as a computer via implants will ultimately have a better chance of survival in a future that is dominated by super-intelligent machines as opposed to humans without enhancements.

In a recent tweet Musk solidified his views, saying “that’s the aspiration, to avoid artificial intelligence becoming [the] other”

Dugan, on the other hand, has regularly communicated her wariness with regards to the effects that social networks, such as facebook, have bestowed on society. Her most notable mention of this was during the recent F8 conference during which she addressed Facebook developers in her keynote speech. Dugan stated that “while technology has allowed us to connect to people a world away, it’s come at the cost of disconnecting with those closest to us.”

This type of self-reflection is new to Silicon Valley and the industry as a whole, for some who fear the impact of technology this reflection helps to provide comfort. Ultimately, it will be interesting to monitor these kinds of technologies that are currently being developed.

Apple Rumors: Prototype leaked

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Images shared by @venyageskin1


Nothing quite compares to waking up and finding out that there may have been a leak regarding the coveted iPhone 8 and luckily for me, that's exactly what happened today as it is believed that images of the iPhone 8 may have just been leaked.


The photos – which remain unverified – are claimed to show a prototype of Apple’s latest handset and although there are some obvious similarities between the iPhone 7 & the believed prototype, there are also some new features.

The handset in the leaked photos contains all of the main hardware of the iPhone 7. It has the same rounded rectangular body, a power switch and volume buttons.

Maybe one of the biggest changes to the physical design of the iPhone8 is the long camera hole, stretching further down the phone than ever before. Apple made their camera opening larger and more oval for the first time with the 6s model – which also embraced a dual lens camera setup. Contrary to this design function seen in the iPhone 6s, Apple seems to have rotated the dual lens to extend down the back of the phone.

In the leaked photos the back of the iPhone doesn’t show the Apple logo, however, it is presumed that this is simply due to the fact that this is a prototype model, as it is highly unlikely that Apple would remove their own branding from the phone's physical design.

According to commonly believed rumours, the new phone will come in the same 7.1mm depth (thinness) and approximately the same physical dimensions as the iPhone 7.

Additionally, the prototype featured in the photos does not seem to have any noticeable bezel on the sides of the display, but that may be in part to the lack of screen inside the photographed prototype.

There’s no guarantee that the pictures show and actual Apple prototype or even the prototype that Apple will choose to go with when they release the phone. Currently it is speculated that Apple have over 10 different prototypes in the testing phase, which just goes to show how committed they are to bringing an all new 10th anniversary iPhone to their customers (cult members.)


As Always, Apple is believed to be unveiling the new iPhone in September. But current projections lead us to believe that it will take much longer to actually get ahold of. The iPhone 8 has already been branded by the rumor mill as Apple’s most radical redesign of the iPhone yet so stay tune to see what other rumors come out of the woodwork.