November 2017 | Digital8

Meme Highlights of the Slack Outage Direct from Twitter

On Halloween 2017 the unthinkable happened. The world's most popular team communication platform Slack suffered a worldwide outage forcing web developers and project managers all over the world to turn to one another and communicate face to face. Hearts raced as mouthbreathers were forced to use their mouths for more than just breathing. Arlene in accounts met the other members of her company for the first time ever and productivity was remarkably unaffected.

Out of this peril and chaos came a gift from the gods. Memes by the bucketload. Here are some highlights.

As expected Slack have been active on Twitter as well trying to put out fires.

Update: According to my sources (our actual Slack) it's back up and running now. We can go back to not talking to each other now. Phew.