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What is SEO?

The world of SEO is confusing and vague, many people still do not truly understand what SEO is nor how crucial it is for modern businesses. The first thing to know about SEO is what it stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is exactly as it sounds and involves optimising your website so it ranks well in search engines.

The internet is inundated with websites all in competition for the top spot on Google, because of this it is now more important than ever to ensure you are employing SEO tactics and optimising your website in all the right ways. Successful SEO should be a combination of link building, optimised content and a correctly structured website. The beautiful thing about well-executed SEO is how well it translates into user experience. A well-optimised website, with stellar keyword-rich content, is a site that will naturally attract users, or traffic, to help to build a loyal client base.

In the context of SEO, you will be able to find different aspects such as local SEO optimization, technical SEO methods, link building strategies and advanced SEO strategies. Each and every aspect play a vital role in search engine ranking and ranking factors.

At Digital8, we mix traditional search engine optimisation tactics with added flair. We employ an innovative approach to SEO, ensuring we use white hat tactics to put your website at the top of Google’s rankings. Our team will work with you to run analytics and build links whilst simultaneously producing captivating content and optimising your CMS for Google crawlers.

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What Is Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is hugely important for all businesses that want to excel in the modern age. It is such an important part of today’s business climate yet still so many people still ask, “what is digital marketing?” Digital marketing is an umbrella term that encompasses an array of marketing strategies that are executed online. The term digital marketing includes; digital strategy, social media, SEO, blogging, display advertising and any other digital medium.

Over the years digital marketing has changed and grown in the same way that a user’s online experience has. Businesses are constantly having to change and adapt to the way people interact with the internet in order to stay current and in-business. The importance of having a successful online presence for your business is more important than ever and can be the deciding factor in the success of your business.

Digital8 understands the importance of digital marketing and offers a range of up to date packages tailored to the needs of your business. Our packages include SEO, digital strategy, social media and content writing. All in all Digital8’s digital marketing packages go above and beyond the usual parameters.

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What To Look For In Good SEO

When on the hunt for a good SEO company you will inevitably be bombarded with many strategic proposals that offer a wide range of SEO strategies. Often it can become hard to decipher what strategies are good and what is bad. The thing about SEO is there are so many ways you can achieve a good result that for me to list them off would be mindless, so, instead I will share with you some of the red flags that you will come across whilst on your hunt for a good SEO company.

Red Flag 1: “Set And Forget SEO Is A Thing”

It is not uncommon for larger digital marketing agencies to promote a “set and forget” SEO model. This website practice is a huge red flag that they do not have your company’s best interests at heart. It is crucial that the SEO plan you implement for your company is based on the needs of your business’ obstacles, your industry’s challenges, your contacts and your goals.

Red Flag 2: “There’s Only One Way To Boost Search Rankings”

If a company tells you there is only one way to do something, they are usually lying. When an SEO company tells you that it’s their strategy or the highway, they too are not telling you the truth. Yes, there are good ways and bad ways to do it, but SEO is a delicate science and depending on how search engines respond to your activities you will have to continuously change your strategies to make sure you are targeting your weaknesses.

TIP: Digital marketing companies that offer an “exclusive network of link producing websites” are practising black hat SEO and companies that employ these tactics on their websites are on Google’s top hit list

Red Flag 3: A One Man SEO Company

You would be surprised at the amount of “SEO Companies” that turn out to be just a man in a room spamming emails back and forth to contractors all over the world who are doing the bulk of the work for him. Outsourcing is a common practice and isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when it comes to SEO, outsourced work will not show the same quality results that local SEO will.

TIP: Location is a surprisingly huge part of SEO and our Brisbane SEO team will be able to provide full scale SEO strategy with quality links come from sources that are local to your business.

Red Flag 4: “It’s quantity over quality”

Good SEO takes time, so you should always question proposals or strategies that involve “quick SEO.” The companies that promise you fast SEO, will usually get you to rank quickly on a range of keywords, however, the quality of the keywords is often very low and in turn will bring in no new leads. This kind of deceptive SEO is meaningless and is a black hole for your money, you need to ensure that you have an understanding of the keywords that are being targeted for your company, and measure their success.

At Digital8 we offer SEO, SEM, Media Management, Website and app Design and Development.

What is Web Development

Web development is a broad term that can range from developing the simplest of websites, such as one page of plain text, to developing the most complex of online-based e-commerce applications. Ultimately, web development encompasses (but is not limited to) web engineering, web content development, web server and network security.

The face of web development is forever changing and has now gone beyond being just a tool for commerce and work. To give you a snapshot of the development we are seeing today we can look at platforms such as Facebook and Twitter which have exploited web dev tools to create platforms that provide users with a way to connect and communicate to others in a personal and interactive way. On a smaller scale, websites that have added a live chat feature are engaging in similar technologies.   

If you are a business of any size developing a website is crucial. Every business, big or small needs a website. In the modern age, a digital presence is one of the core ways to get clients through your door. At Digital8 we provide our clients with custom frontend and backend web development using open source platforms, including Drupal and WordPress.

We collaborate with our clients to create responsive websites that are easy to understand and interact with. Our websites are built to support search engine optimisation and user experience. Our team can build websites from the ground up or integrate your old website with new technology to improve the usability of your site and enhance your website's message.

At Digital8 we work with you so that you have the option to maintain control of your website's content. Our frontend and backend website developers are experts in their fields and can create custom websites for all budgets.

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Top 8 Free Apps For Tradies

There are not many industries that haven’t been disrupted by the development of innovative apps. And the trade industries are no exception.

There are some which have their use every so often, and then there are those that once you get them, you can’t imagine life without them.

We asked our tradie friends out there and compiled the top 5 apps they can’t live without!

1. hipages

hipages is a service that connects homeowners with trusted tradies in their local area. So it’s no wonder that the hipages app is extremely popular among tradies who operate as sole traders or in a small business capacity. 

If you haven’t listed your services on hipages, then you’re missing out on growing your business and connecting with new customers. And with such a convenient app to do it, there’s no excuse!


2. Airtasker

Airtasker is a great platform for those of you looking to help a fellow citizen out and earn some extra cash. There are always home improvement and construction jobs on offer.

While you don’t have to be a licenced tradie to do odd jobs via Airtasker, having a tradie background can certainly help you secure jobs for those occasional days when you don’t have a job on.

3. Paper

Feeling inspired? Paper is one of those productivity apps that everybody can benefit from.

It lets you doodle, sketch, take notes, capture images, create checklists and more. It’s essentially your digital wall of sticky notes – but a wall that you can actually carry around with you and easily share your creations and thoughts with your workmates and customers.

4. Houzz

If you haven’t heard of Houzz yet, then you’re definitely missing out on potential customers as a tradie. Houzz is fast becoming the hub to share home renovation and design ideas. 

It connects homeowners with local professionals – everything from builders and roofers to interior designers.

5. Ruler App + Photo Ruler

Nothing beats a trusty tape measure… but just in case you’ve left yours at home or it’s just simply too far to reach, Ruler App + Photo Ruler will have you covered. 

This app lets you use your phone or tablet to do a quick measure with its calibrated ruler. You can also take photos of objects and it’ll measure them for you.

6. Battery Doctor

If you’re always out visiting properties, meeting clients and taking calls. One of the handiest tools you have is your phone – but not if it runs out of battery!

Apps like Battery Doctor track which apps and functions on your phone are draining the life out of your battery.

You can change settings from inside the app and give your phone the power it needs to get through the day.

7. Sunseeker

The Sunseeker app uses GPS to display the position and path of the sun.

It’s a very helpful tool on overcast or rainy days when buyers are trying to get a feel for how much natural light a home or garden is regularly exposed to or even helps you plan property photo shoots.

8. Evernote

If you haven’t heard of Evernote by now, you’re probably the only one.

Evernote is like your own personal assistant making it easy for you to remember more about the people you meet.

The business card camera captures the clearest possible images of your business cards and saves everything into a contact note including:

  • A name, title, company and additional contact info
  • An image of the card
  • A photo of the person and LinkedIn profile information when available

You can keep a database of absolutely everyone you have ever done business with.

So, all you tradies out there? What did you think? Did you faves make the list? What are your favourite apps that you can’t live without? Are you looking for a reliable app developer? Check out here App Development Brisbane

From companies like Concrete Taxi and PBS Plumbing, we love working with service-based businesses in all the various trade industries. Interested in our digital transformation services? Check out our digital services here: SEO Brisbane and Web Design Brisbane. Contact us today!

Product Launch: Rectifi

Digital8 has recently launched its latest product Rectifi, a tool designed to streamline the process of getting insightful customer feedback.


If you’ve ever struggled with getting happy customers leaving 5-star reviews and unhappy customers providing feedback directly – Rectifi is the product for you.


It allows you to easily survey high volumes of customers to measure their satisfaction with your business using the Net Promoter Scoring system.


Rectifi surveys your customers and will automatically ask for feedback from customers that are ‘passives’ or ‘detractors’ of your brand and will send your ‘advocates’ to an external website to leave a testimonial such as Google or Facebook.

This ensures you have the opportunity to improve your business and resolve issues from customers that did not have a positive experience and encourage happy customers to leave positive reviews on sites such as Google and Facebook.
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