January 2020 | Digital8

Digital8 Partners with CAASie: Digital Marketing Meets Out-of-Home Advertising

The Digital Marketing team at Digital8, have partnered with CAASie for the launch of their game-changing self-serve marketplace for out-of-home advertising (OOH). This partnership connects familiar concepts of digital advertising, including the range of digital services offered by Digital8, and extends them to the outside world.

The premise of CAASie is simple, yet effective. Instead of purchasing fixed duration campaigns, advertisers can bid in real-time for individual ad plays ranging from 5-30 seconds. This is similar to online advertising platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook advertising and other social media. Thus, CAASie’s flexible arrangement gives small businesses the opportunity to compete with larger companies that traditionally dominate the scene.

“CAASie aims to bolster the advertising efforts of local small and growing businesses by making out-of-home more accessible and flexible. Combining digital marketing with out-of-home enables businesses to create brand awareness and associations that will drive their all-important click-through rates.” – Taryn Syratt, Director and Project Lead at CAASie.

out-of-home advertising

Digital8 has long been one of the premier digital agencies in Brisbane; focusing on ROI driven integrated marketing campaigns. However, OOH has always been elusive. The traditional buying process lacks the flexibility required to accommodate the dynamic needs of digital marketing campaigns. Together with CAASie, Digital8 can bring clients an entire new avenue for advertising on the forefront of technology. This partnership enables Digital8 to offer unrivalled omni-channel marketing campaigns for clients, not only in Brisbane, but across the global marketplace of OOH media.

“Digital8 is incredibly excited to team up with CAASie. The technology they are using is incredibly innovative. We are so excited to provide clients with more well-rounded and comprehensive marketing campaigns. OOH Advertising has always worked hand-in-hand with digital marketing to further legitimise a company’s campaign and boost brand awareness. With the help of CAASie, we will be able to boost our clients into the stratosphere.” – Liam Fogarty, Inbound Marketing Strategist at Digital8.

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Digital8 Has Officially Rebranded!

You heard right! Digital8 has rebranded. South Brisbane based digital transformation experts, Digital8, have unveiled a new brand image, an innovative contemporary website and an overall redesign of the business. The change is part of a strategy to reposition Digital8 as a modern and innovative company which matches their high standard of professional client work.

“This is just another stepping stone for Digital8. It represents the evolution of this company as part of our strategy to emphasise the strength of our capabilities and commitment to helping clients reach their full digital potential. Joe McCord. General Manager, Digital8

Digital8 began in 2012 when founder, Jeff Lynne, had a vision for transforming the digital development landscape in Brisbane. Pushing the boundaries of web technology and making client visions become a reality has always been the goal of Digital8. Now in 2020, Digital8 is focussing on world-class tech solutions and results-driven marketing strategy as mediums that support each other. The digital team and client base of Digital8 have grown significantly in the past two years emphasising inbound solutions, using Hubspot and other best practice technologies. The Digital8 personnel specialise in deploying the most sophisticated technologies and marketing tools to shape results-driven digital strategy for enterprises of almost all industries. Having now rebranded, Digital8 reflects their technically innovative and creative nature, whilst still paying tribute to its humble beginnings and Jeff’s initial vision.

The new logo design and overall visual scope of the company reflects the future direction of Digital8. It is far more than the modernisation of the logo and website. This rebrand is a milestone symbolising Digital8 becoming more user-centered and constantly providing cutting-edge tech solutions. The redesign communicates Digital8 as transformative and one-step-ahead in the digital world while keeping the classic colour scheme and name.

A visually engaging and refined website has been redesigned to demonstrate Digital8’s position as an industry web design leader. Incorporating aesthetic visual elements, easy navigation tools and useful content allows potential clients to see Digital8’s website development talent first-hand.

About Digital8:

Digital8 is Brisbane’s premier digital transformation experts providing world class web design, app development, digital marketing and more. They provide a full service tech team to deliver success in digital solutions with national and local business clients. For more information visit their South Brisbane office or call 3999 9778.