April 2017 | Digital8

Is There An Apple Car In The Making?

Apple has recently been granted a permit enabling the company to test autonomous (self-driving) vehicles on public roads in the Californian state.

With the granting of this permit, Apple joins companies such as Google, BMW, Tesla and more on the list of permit holders allowed to partake in the Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program in the state of California.

Interestingly enough, gaining a permit for this program requires companies to go through multiple steps and thorough outlines/details for the vehicles being tested, leading us to believe that Apple may have a working software framework that is road ready. At this point, it is unknown if Apple will actually begin testing this software, however, if they do it will be filled publicly through the DMV.

By applying for and being accepted into the Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program, Apple has confirmed that the company is currently working on a car-related project.

The earliest rumours of this suggested that Apple's autonomous vehicle was going to be an electric vehicle, however, it is believed that Apple has moved in the direction of an Apple branded autonomous driving system.

Sourced: Mac Rumours

Samsung Galaxy S8: The Most Successful Launch Yet

On Tuesday this week pre-orders for the new Galaxy S8 smashed all records the company has ever had. Revealing to the world that Samsung’s two latest smartphones are on track to be the company’s most successful launch yet.

Currently, Samsung’s spokespeople are playing coy on the precise number of pre-orders they have received, however, Samsung sold 51,060 Galaxy Note 7’s in its first two weeks on the Australian market. Richard Fink, Samsung Australia mobile division vice-president, has said that ‘pre-orders for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones, were outselling its previous flagship phone by double-digit percentage points even though Samsung it wasn’t even on show in stores yet.’

And it’s not just Australia – globally all markets are reporting a huge growth in sales/presales compared to the S7 launch. Impressively so, Samsung also reportedly sold over half a million of the new S8 smartphones just two days after launch, despite worldwide recalls of the previous model.

To learn more about the Galaxy S8 check out Samsung Galaxy S8: Objectively Brilliant. Otherwise all major Australian

All major Australian telecommunication companies have already announced plans to stock the new Samsung Galaxy S8 on April 28, additionally, buyers who pre-order will receive their phones from April 21.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Objectively Brilliant

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is objectively gorgeous. Say goodbye to the S7’s flat screen, and hello to a taller, narrower design with two curved edges. The Galaxy S8 is a device that gives even Apple’s iPhone 7 a run for its money. For the first time, every major Samsung phone will feature the curve screen software seen only before in the Edge and Note.

The Galaxy S8 sports almost no bezel, affording more screen into a smaller body. The tiny bezel on both the Galaxy S8 integrates seamlessly with the curved glass, creating a beautiful device. Samsung calls the new display “infinity display,” describing the infinity display as the “most immersive screen on a Galaxy smartphone of this size.”

Disappointingly, the camera has been left largely unchanged from the S7. In light of this, the Galaxy S8’s camera still remains the best of any Android by far, primarily due to its optical image stabilisation.

Alike a number of Android phones, the Galaxy S8 has moved the fingerprint reader to the back of the phone. The feature is fine, however, can become troublesome when trying to open on a desk or in a car holder. To combat this the Galaxy S8 has included Iris detection and facial recognition as an unlock feature. In theory, this is great, however, we will need to wait for real world application to fully judge this feature.

Bixby has been deemed slightly underwhelming perhaps due in part to the fact it was constantly hyped. For those of you who don’t know, Bixby is Samsung’s new intelligent user interface that is capable of responding to voice commands to complete any task you ask it to do. Currently, Bixby is a touch on the slow side and the vocal replies are stilted.

It’s no secret that Samsung really needed to impress the public with the S8 to finally put behind them the explosion that was the Note7. If we judge the phone on design alone Samsung has definitely created the most aesthetic phone on the market and with the new software, they have developed a new way to of using an Android device.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ will go on sale on the Australian market on Apr 28.